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la Bolsa Azul

La Bolsa Azul

Reach beyond borders

Reach Tijuana and Mexicali shoppers with La Bolsa Azul — the only doorstep-delivered medium in Tijuana. The San Diego/Tijuana border is the busiest border crossing in the world, and the number one reason to cross is shopping.


Our Tijuana insert program is delivered every Friday to middle- and upper-class homes in Tijuana and Mexicali. Don’t miss these valuable shoppers who have money to spend in San Diego.


Eximex, the only licensed household distributor in Baja California, oversees the delivery of your inserts and verifies that they are delivered.


Your inserts are packaged inside a protective plastic polybag that says “Ahorros y Especiales de las Tiendas de San Diego y Tijuana,” which translates to “Savings From Your San Diego and Tijuana Stores.”


Entice customers with a sample of your product, inserted in the polybag.

To learn more about the Hispanic Market, please go to our Hispanic Market Stats page.

For general information, please see the Preprint Specifications on our Print Mechanicals & Measurements page or the Preprint Primer. Also see our Mexican-Distribution Preprints rates.

For specific ad measurements, discount packages and promotional rates, please contact your account manager or Sara Gaviria at (619) 293-2919.

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