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Enlace: Spanish-Language Print Advertising


Reach a market with an expanding purchasing power. Written in Spanish, Enlace is published every Saturday and serves the Latino communities in the San Diego/Tijuana region. Enlace, which is the Spanish word for “link,” is dedicated to supporting events on both sides of the border that promote education and literacy, encourage professional development, and celebrate rich cultural traditions.

Reach a large, fast-growing market

Enlace is a great way to reach a large and loyal market, which also happens to be one of the most-affluent Latino markets in the U.S. Enlace is home-delivered every Saturday to targeted areas of San Diego County and distributed via outdoor racks in businesses, restaurants and retail locations frequented by Latino clientele.

The Latino population in San Diego County, when combined with Tijuana’s, creates one of the largest Latino markets in the United States.

Boost your reach with an online link is your online connection to the Hispanic community, a leading source for instant news and local information.

An information-packed publication

This free publication, produced by an experienced team of journalists, offers news and feature stories, an Internet column and professional soccer coverage, plus community events and arts and entertainment listings from both sides of the border.


Enlace features eye-catching covers and uses distinctive, colorful designs throughout that maintain reader interest.


Repeat your full-run or zone U-T San Diego ad in this Spanish- language publication within 10 days and receive a 30 percent discount off the Enlace open rate.

Vida Latina

Largest circulated Spanish-language entertainment magazine, TV and shopping guide in San Diego. Each week, Vida Latina San Diego is filled with relevant content that truly reaches the Hispanic market, featuring entertainment news, novelas, tv and cable program listings, music, movies, sports, local events, classified health, lifestyle and cultural events.

Enlace Extra

Reach consumers in Tijuana and Mexicali directly with Enlace Extra, preprint advertising from U-T San Diego. Enlace Extra is delivered every Friday.

Entertainment-oriented Enlace Extra features local stories and listings for movies, live music, art, and family events in San Diego and Tijuana.

To learn more about the Hispanic market, visit our Hispanic Market Stats page.

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